India confused between Iran and Israel

Attack on Israel diplomat’s wife on Feb 13 in New Delhi has brought India into a dilemma over deciding whom to support - Iran or Israel. This confusion was created after Israel accused Iran of its involvement in the terror attack. Similar attacks were witnessed in Bangkok and Georgia on Israelis. The only country involved in these attacks is Iran as Israel believes. India is abstaining from giving any statement against Iran because of its long and cordial relations with Iran. Iran is oil rick and India is oil poor. India, in no condition, want it relations with Iran to be strained. Iran is the second largest oil supplier to India after Saudi Arabia. Recently Iran had threatened India of stopping oil supply on account of non payment of $5 billion for oil. At this instance, India decided to diversify its oil imports from other countries. However problem didn’t worsen as India paid all the dues. In January this year, India became the world’s largest Iranian crude oil. India imported an estimated 2.2 million metric tonnes in January as compared to roughly 1.4 million metric tonnes every month in previous year. India can’t afford to anger Iran for one of its important needs is met by Iran. On the other shore is Israel which is the second largest weapon supplier to India after Russia. Weapons are among basic needs of India. However good India tries to be with China or Pakistan, they continue to remain India’s enemies. As long as India continues to take initiatives to improve relations with these two countries, they won’t attack India. Firing is not uncommon on Indo-Pak border of Kashmir. Recently Chinese troop had entered Indian Territory and destroyed some old Army bunkers and tents in Chumar division of Nyoma sector, about 300 kilometres from Leh which China clearly denied. China has been continuously making efforts to surround India as part of its strategy – String of pearls. In such a situation a country can’t survive without sufficient weapons to counter such attacks. India believes in defensive strategy rather than offensive which is actually the strategy followed by Pakistan and China. Relationship of India with Israel is as important as with Iran. If India stands with Israel at this point, it’s ok but if India stands with Iran, it’s not ok with Israel. India is working hard to balance its relationship with both countries. India did join diplomatic initiative by the US and Israel in UN security council to issue statement condemning terror attack on Israeli diplomat but at the same time ensured no statement would be issued against Iran by saying investigation is still in progress.

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