Rahul - a winner or a loser in UP?

Uttar Pradesh is a state where votes are  based on Caste and community. BSP was in power but people were fed up of corruption by BSP leader & CM Mayawati. The other alternative UP people had was SP and so they voted in favor of SP and that’s the reason of SP's leading results. SP and BSP are the only two major parties of UP.

Rahul Gandhi took leading role in UP elections. His campaigns started in the month of November at the time when no other political party was campaigning. He held roughly 200 rallies in UP. Rahul Gandhi's main or internal aim was to have good number of seats and not the formation of Government in UP which he would never speak.  Congress party is very weak in UP and Rahul campaign was to strengthen the party position in UP which he seems to be achieving as congress is likely to get better number of seats this time. Rahul Gandhi's focus was and still is on general elections scheduled for 2014. He always thinks long term.

Rahul Gandhi never projected himself as CM in UP and so people probably took him as an outsider who only came for campaigning in UP and would go after elections. Congress is trailing because it has not been able to woo large population of UP which is divided on the basis of Caste, religion and community. Moreover Congress is not doing well at centre which everyone is seeing in UP. All MPs of Congress in UP are non-performing. In such a scenario, how can one expect congress to form Government in UP. Congress is still a winner. It’s going to pocket good number of seats this time as compared to last time in 2007.