India: Country of no systematization

India grows at a rate which developed countries can only dream about. Country which plays pivotal role in world economy has no system. People in ministries and its departments know nothing about other departments of the same ministry. They try to pass the burden on other person. To get information is like andhere mein teer chalana. You have to contact at least ten people to reach the right person and there is no surety that information would be provided even at the end. Most of the time, right person is not available. Every time you call you will be asked to call at a new time. All they want all the time is time. They don’t have time. Your deadline for story would come to an end but their time demand would not end. If you are lucky enough to speak to the right person, don’t ask too many question or he would kill you on phone. This is the level of their frustration. They project to be so busy as if they are signing some big deals all the time.

If you want to interview some senior official be it from some ministry or public sector undertaking (PSU), you will die calling but you would not get positive response. The time would come when they would even stop taking your calls. There is no courtesy or consideration. If you want information, file an RTI application and wait for 30 days. Government knows slow pace of its people, that’s why prescribed 30 days for a query to be responded. Till that time news would be stale and you would be working on some other news story. There is no resolution to this problem because our country is moving at snail pace in terms of improving system and bringing relevant bills. Years pass on but bills which concern common people remain with parliament for consideration, courtesy bad dramatic politics. If you have patience, wait, else change your line. There is  no better option.


  1. all ur complains n concerns r valid dear.but don't u think these so called corrupt n ignorant politicians n babus r a reflection of our society.they grow up with these uniquely Indian inherent characteristics.they r always made easy prey for ordinary Indian shouts against corruption when in public bt keeps looking fr corrupt n novel avenues fr furthering his/her personal interests .........

  2. We are not talking about corruption here. Problem is about unnecessarily delaying what can be done now. There is lack of sincerity among these people. They take things lightly unless there is pressure from higher authority.