Love Triangle

School sessions had started after two months vacation; Michael and Stella were as close as ever before. Both missed each other while away but could never pluck up courage to confess their love. They would sit together, study together and fail together. They were always lost within themselves. It was love which they could not acknowledge.

Day came when they graduated and decided to start their career. Stella joined banking sector and Michael, an established IT company. Physically, distance grew but mentally they got even closer. They would spend hours chatting on phone, discussing smallest things of life. One thing was still missing, it was “naming the relation”. It was not just friendship. It was something more than that.

Michael was on the lookout for a relation that had a name. He looked for a girl whom he could marry. Michael managed to find a very simple girl, named Stephanie. They went around for years and decided to marry in the course of time.

One day, Stella’s mother showed her picture of a guy, named Martin for marriage. Stella’s world went upside down. Confused Stella told Michael about this. Unable to read Stella’s mind, Michael asked Stella to move on with the marriage.

Unaware of Michael and Stephanie relationship, Stella married Martin. She was married but not happy for her mind being always occupied with Michaels thoughts. Two years passed, she could not cope up with her marriage life. She would regularly have arguments and fights with her husband. On the other side, Michael was planning his marriage with Stephanie.

One day, Stella organized a get-together of some childhood school friends along with their partners. Stella was in high spirits as she waited to see Michael. Party turned out to be nightmare when she saw Michael with Stephanie. She tried to act normal but could not bear the pain of their togetherness. Green-eyed Stella couldn’t see Michael caring for Stephanie. She made all attempts to avoid any conversation with Stephanie but continued her efforts to spend maximum time with Michael. Stephanie quietly watched and understood what was going on in Stella’s mind. Hours passed on and it was time to leave. Stella too left but could not sleep whole night. Sight of Michael and Stephanie together kept troubling her.

Stephanie was clear about Stella’s mind but a little unsure of Michael’s thoughts. Recalling the incidents Michael cited to her about his childhood days with Stella and his often missing her even while being with her (Stephanie), She sensed Michael loved Stella more than her. To avoid any regret at later state, two months before their marriage, Stephanie asked Michael “If you have to choose between me and Stella, whom would you choose?”

Her sudden question left him all at sea. He asked her what went wrong.
Without giving any explanation, Stephanie stuck to her question.
Baffled Michael asked Stephanie for two days time.

Stephanie’s question badly disturbed him and forced him to go back to old memories. He could not recall anything about Stephanie that he could cherish. He didn’t even realize when he was lost in old days spent with Stella. Those days were close to his heart. His heart was more towards Stella but he was not sure if his decision to leave Stephanie for would be right. He knew Stella was not happy with her husband and enjoyed his (Michael’s) company more. He also knew he would never be able to love Stephanie like he did to Stella. He understood marrying Stephanie and loving Stella would be unfair and unpardonable. 

Next morning, Michael went to Stephanie. With all his courage, he held her hand and said, “I like you. You were always an innocent girl. I respect you. Physically I was with you but mentally I never was. You made me realize how wrong I was. You saved me from committing a big mistake. I can’t leave Stella and that’s my choice.” Stephanie quietly listened to Michael with her eyes filled with tears.  Without uttering a word, Stephanie left the place and they never met again.

India Saudi Arabia Joint Committee on Def Co-op hold first meeting

India-Saudi Arabia Joint Committee on Defence Cooperation held their first meeting here yesterday. The 11-member Saudi delegation was headed by Maj Gen Suleiman Saleh Al-Khalifa, Chief of the Armed Forces Operations of Saudi Arabia. The Indian delegation was headed by Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

During the meeting both sides expressed their interest to further augment defence exchanges and interactions between their armed forces. Proposals for exchange of high level visits, training exchanges and functional exchanges in various areas were discussed and will be finalized over the coming weeks. 

The establishment of the Joint Committee was decided during the meeting of the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony with the Saudi Defence Minister (and now also Crown Prince) Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, during the Defence Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia in February, 2012. The Joint Committee was mandated to formulate a programme to develop areas of cooperation between the defence establishments of both countries.

India and China to resume joint military exercise

India and China today agreed to resume joint military exercise and conduct the same at the earliest.

The first Joint Army Exercises with China was conducted in Kunming, China in 2007 and the second in Belgaum, India in  2008 but had to be stalled in 2010 due to visa denial by Chinese to the Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General BS Jaswal and since then New Delhi has had no bilateral defence exchanges with Beijing.

Accompanied by a 23-member delegation, which includes high ranking members of the Chinese defence and military establishment, the Minister of National Defence of the People’s Republic of China, General Liang Guanglie is on an official visit to India from 02-06 September, 2012 after which he will go to Laos to pay an official goodwill visit.

At the 90 minutes delegation level meeting, India and China agreed to strengthen border security cooperation between the border troops of the two sides so as to enhance and maintain peace and tranquility in the India-China border areas.

The two sides announced their decision to work together to maintain peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region, promote port calls by naval ships of the two sides and conduct joint maritime search and rescue exercises.

The two sides also decided to further enhance and strengthen cooperation between the naval forces of both sides in counter piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia and high level exchanges between the two defence ministries and Armed Forces of both sides.  .

They noted that the leaders of India and China have designated 2012 as the year of India-China friendship and cooperation.

The Chinese side invited Antony to visit China in 2013. 

Last Defence Minister level meet took place in May 2006 when India’s Defence Minister visited China. General Liang’s visit is the first by a Chinese Defence Minister to India since Gen. Cao Gangchuan’s visit in March 2004. 

From India, the Indian Defence Ministers have visited China thrice in Jul 1992, Apr 2003 and May 2006. The Chinese Defence Ministers have visited India twice in Sep 1994 and Mar 2004.

Chinese activities on Indian border

Defence Miniser AK Antony yesterday underlined Chinese activities on border in parliament.

He said,” China disputes the international Boundary between India and China. There is no commonly delineated 'Line of Actual Control' (LAC) between the two countries. Both sides patrol up to their respective perceptions of LAC. There has been no Chinese intrusion into our territory during the last three years. However, Chinese patrolling upto their perception of LAC are treated as transgressions. Such incidents of transgressions are taken up with the Chinese side through established mechanisms such as Hot Lines, Flag Meetings, Border Personnel Meetings and the newly established Working Mechanism on Consultation and Coordination on India-China border affairs.”

He also said that Government was aware of the infrastructure development by China at the border and their undertaking infrastructure projects in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and that Government conveyed its concerns to China about their activities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and asked them to cease such activities.

“Government is fully seized of the security imperatives of the country and reviews the threat perception from time to time as well as the need for developing requisite infrastructure in the border areas. Necessary steps, as required, have been initiated for ensuring that national security concerns are adequately addressed through development of infrastructure, including rails, roads and forward air fields, as well as operational capabilities of the Armed forces to secure the desired national security objectives”, said Antony in a written reply to Loksabha Member of Parliament.

Indian Territory under occupation by China in Jammu & Kashmir since 1962 is approximately 38,000 sq. kms. In addition to this, under the so called China-Pakistan "Boundary Agreement" of 1963, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,180 sq. kms. of Indian territory in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to China. In the eastern sector, China illegally claims approximately 90,000 sq. km. of Indian territory in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The two countries have appointed Special Representatives to explore from the political perspective of the overall bilateral relationship the framework for a boundary settlement.