6 killed in bomb explosion in village near Kudankulam nuclear plant

At least six people, including two children, died on Tuesday aroumd 7 pm after a crude bomb exploded at Tsunami colony near Idinthakarai village that has been epicentre of protests against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu.

Three houses collapsed due to the impact of the explosion.

Fearing arrest, all villagers fled Tsunami Colony as soon as police personnel arrived.

Bodies could not be identified as no villager was present to help the police.

A case has been filed against activist Udhayakumar, who led local campaigns against the Kudankulam plant. Some of the people killed in explosion are suspected to be activists of the People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy, which is headed by Mr Udhayakumar.

The police claim the blasts took place accidentally while bombs were being assembled at a house in the village.

Two live bombs were also recovered from the spot.

M Pushparayan, a leader of the People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy that is spearheading the protests, said the country bombs had nothing to do with their movement nor were their supporters involved in bomb making.

The village has witnessed massive protests over the last two years against the nuclear plant.

Some villages in this region are notorious for making crude bombs to target rival groups during clashes. Last month, a minor boy was arrested for possessing around 25 country-made bombs at the neighbouring village of Koothankuzhi.

Third in a row, Lehar

After cyclones Phailin and Helen, a new cyclone named Lehar is likely to hit Andhra Pradesh coastal area between Machilipatnam and Kalingapatnam today afternoon

System, which is moving at a speed of 15kmph westwards now, is expected to intensify in the evening and move west-northwestwards. Moderate rains and squally winds at 45-55 km per hour are expected tomorrow which may further lead to windspeeds of upto 200 km as the system comes closer.

33 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been deployed. There are 16 teams in East Godavari, six each in Vizag and Krishna and five teams in West Godavari.

Storm may lead to extensive damage to mud houses, disruption of communication and power lines, road and rail traffic. State’s disaster commissioner has warned of potential threat from flying debris and flooding of escape routes and also extensive damage to agricultural crops.

Fishermen have been advised to return to coast. Evacuation from low-lying areas in four districts, Krishna, East and West Godavari and Visakhapatnam, will take place tomorrow afternoon. Special officers have been nominated for the nine coastal districts.

Control rooms at Secretariat- 040 - 23452144 and 23451043 have been opened and operating.

The state government has sought four helicopters from defence secretary to be stationed at Visakhapatnam. Along with the Army and Railways, the Coast Guard, Coastal Security wing, Marine Police, and district police have been alerted.

District Collectors have been asked to ensure adequate supplies of food, drinking water, medicines, fuel in vulnerable areas. Relief centers are also opened up.

529 marine villages out of 580 in nine coastal districts have been contacted so far. 5550 boat out of 6160 that have ventured into the sea have returned.

Love living animals, not the killed

Believing non-vegetarian food to be a good source of proteins and vitamins, many parents encourage their children to adopt such diet. But owing to poor knowledge, what they fail to fathom is that the same nutrition is available in a variety of vegetarian foods.

Mothers, human or animal, raise children with perpetual readiness to reach any extent for their protection. But what about the mothers whose children are slaughtered in front of them! Just for the tastebud of us humans. Spare a thought about their thoughts of utmost helplessness and grief.

One evening as I passed through Mahipalpur, I saw a man sprinkling water on sleeping hens in a cage. It required not much of a brain to understand that he was readying them for slaughter the next morning. The poor hens were not even allowed to sleep peacefully the night before. My heart went out for the livestock that must be kept fresh. But seconds later, I realized these hens were probably the same people who killed animals in their previous birth for the lust of their tongue, and were now suffering the fruits of their own karma. And the slaughterer of this time would be the animal of next time. Since I believe the theory of karma and rebirth, I acknowledge the vicious circle thus made.

Let’s get out of this vicious circle once and for all. Let’s go back to the theory of our ancient sages 'Live and Let Live'. This is our moment. Let’s break free.