Amethi is all we want

Battle between Congress’ Rahul Gandhi, BJP’s Smriti Irani and AAP’s Kumar Vishwas goes on hard in Amethi. Constituency which never received any attention has now become center of attraction. All eyes are on May 7 when it goes to polls.
Since 1980, Amethi has been electing a Congress candidate as its representative in the parliament except in 1998, when BJP’s Sanjay Singh was the MP for a year. In 1999, Amethi again elected Congress’ Sonia Gandhi and from 2004 onwards, Rahul has been the MP.
While some people believe Aam Aadmi Party has bleak prospects in Amethi as people are happy with even a mere road connecting their villages and a few hours of power supply, others believe Amethi deserves to be at par with urban cities. They need economic growth, better roads, employment and corruption free administration.
Amethi’s Lok Sabha seat comprises four towns, two municipal councils and multiple villages.

Why not Rahul this time?

Seeing the roads, one can easily make out the money spent on Amethi’s infrastructure during Rahul’s tenure as its representative. Factories started with loads of money remain shut. Unemployed youth is forced to migrate to metropolitan cities.
It is hard to believe that it’s the constituency of Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Congress which is leading the alliance at centre.
Having built psychological and emotional bond with the Congress party over the past three decades, some people still want to re-elect Rahul in 2014 General elections. BJP and AAP candidates seem to have little or no impact on them. Candidature of Kumar Vishwas and Smriti Irani tend to have no influence on their pre determined decisions.

Why not Smriti Irani?
In a male dominated country like India, especially the rural areas, women tend to follow husbands decision.
Smriti Irani, now the universal bahu, may try to influence women but ultimately decision is taken by the men of society. In an effort to win women hearts, she raises kitchen related issues like expensive oil, vegetables, flour etc.
“In a country where guest is treated like God (Atithi Devo Bhava), arrival of him gives tensions to the people in Amethi as they can’t afford to serve him”, said Irani in one of her rallies.
She may win applause from women listening to her but these women have little say in their own decisions.

And finally, why Kumar Vishwas?With his home shifted in Amethi, Aam Aadmi candidate Kumar Vishwas has built place in people’ hearts. He set up his base in Amethi much before Election Commission’s elections announcement. He assured people of his availability all time for their grievances.
He was the first one to challenge Rahul Gandhi. He charged Gandhi Scion of misusing the funds allocated for Amethi’s growth during his tenure “Growth cannot be seen in Amethi. It looks as backward as ever. Where has Rahul been for past 10 years”, questions Kumar Vishwas.

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