Lankan PM makes controversial remark ahead of Modi visit

A major controversy has been created by Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe remark that Indian fishermen can be shot in case they intrude into Sri Lanka’s waters. The remark came ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lanka which is scheduled on March 13.

Lankan PM told Tamil news channel Thanthi TV, "If someone tries to break into my house, I can shoot. Law allows me to do that."

On being asked about killing of around 600 Indian fishermen over the years, he said no such incident has been reported since the last one in 2011.

He also said that Portion of these fishermen were killed at the time of Lankan civil war as they were believed to be supplying arms.

Mr Wickremesinghe expressed concern about northern fishermen who demand Navy to defend them. He held himself responsible for explaining to them that they have to sort out issues with India as regards territorial waters.

He enquired Why Indian fishermen were coming and fishing in their waters. He asked them to be on Indian side to avoid any shooting by them.

"You stay on the Indian side. Let our fishermen stay on the Sri Lankan side. Otherwise don't make accusations of human rights violation by the Navy. You came in there," he held.

Many cases of arrests and abductions of Indian fishermen came to light last month.

As many as 10 fishing boats have been seized and 86 Indian fishermen arrested Lanka Navy last month for poaching allegedly in the country's waters.

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