Salman and Sonam promote PRDP in Delhi

They are not crazy for Salman, they are actually crazy. As he enters he is surrounded by educated yet uncivilized fans and media. He walks like he is God who has just landed on Earth for people to follow him. 

Volley of questions are thrown at Salman by his fans as well as die hard critics. Nobody wants to address any question to Sonam as she is brought here only as a showpiece.

 Her only job is to stare at people and smile while Salman responds to media.

This image can only remind of a mental asylum.

 Her fan following should be no different from that of Rakhi Sawant. This smile can bring tears to your eyes. 

Arrogance in every word.

Sex change is no more a hassle in India

Gone are the days when Indian used to travel abroad for surgeries. Since last few years demand for sex change surgeries has gone up both nationally and internationally. Foreigners come to India for such surgeries because it is pretty cheap and fast in India compared to other countries.

After having fought psychological battle for 64 years, Betty from United States came to India. Dressed in saree, an Indian female attire, wearing heavy ornaments, Betty walks with pride. “I was born with male body but I always felt like a female. Life was no so easy. Getting sex changed in America is an extremely lengthy procedure. It can easily take more than 5 years to even get into operation theater. Today is my rebirth and I would love to marry a man in future. Acceptance to transgender is terrible in America and I am happy that I am a female now.”

Rosy, with her mother, has come to India from UK. Though born with male physique, Rosy never felt she was a boy. She smiles as she scrolls down her beautiful pictures in her mobile. “I wear variety of wigs on different occasions and see how amazing I look. Until last year I didn’t know about sex change surgery. My mom suggested me to go for one. We did research and found out that sex change surgery is even cheaper here than in Thailand. Surgery is performed by qualified doctors and we are very happy for our decision. In UK, many people don’t undergo sex change because of huge chunk of money involved in it. They live life of transgender and keep fighting within themselves and society”

Five years back Rosy married a UK based guy from India. At that time it was termed as gay marriage. “Today I am a girl and we will marry again but as straight male and female. We are all very excited especially my mother in law who has extended full support to me.”
"I am dying to wear bikini", chuckles Rosy.

She plans to go to Taj Mahal in Agra, and Jaipur after her breast transplant are done.

Dr. Narendra Kaushik performs sex change surgery with the help of his highly skilled staff. He claims he is one of the few qualified doctors who perform sex change surgeries in India. “We have psychiatrists in our hospital who ensure patient is transgender. Transgender are people who feel their souls are trapped in wrong bodies. We understand the pain they go through while dealing with family, friends and society. Many transgender even commit suicide. Sex change surgery is the solution and a miracle for them. We do what God didn’t do.”

Female to male surgery is considered to be the most difficult as penis is made with the skin taken from forearm and it can take upto 12 hours to create one. Placement of penis is done keeping Gspot in mind. Sex change surgery doesn’t affect sexual satisfaction in an individual. He or she continues to enjoy sex with immense pleasure.