Addition to my favourites - Amber Vilas, Jaipur

Had been to Jaipur many times before but this time, we decided not to go anywhere and rather just stay inside the resort. Well, there could not be a better decision as the resort was a tourist spot in itself. It had its own-styled Chowki Dhani which opened between 5 and 11 pm. There was something for everybody - various types of dances, swings for kids, puppet shows, Mehandi, pottery, horse and camel ride, villagized bowling, street food and typical Rajasthani cuisines. 
It's beautiful, it's spacious and it looks like some toy world. 

That's the room we stayed in. Rooms are comfortable, with nice antique interior. 

No matter how you like other things, but greenery and space in the resort you would definitely love. If you plan to travel during the day, then don't come here. It is a destination in itself.

Swimming pool depth ranges between 3 feet and 5 feet. There are two small baby pools beside the bigger one. Depth of baby pool is appropriate but size should have been a little bigger. 

This lady here makes fresh Bajra chapatis and serves with garlic chutney (sauce) and gur (jaggery). Chutney tastes no different from Schezwan chutney. Do not overeat here as you will later be served with high in 'taste and quantity' dinner.

They played a trick here. Indians love their chai and pakodas at any cost so this combination here is not complimentary. 

Watching dholak thumping is no fun until it's accompanied by dance. His partner does that job. He makes you dance till you literally start sweating. 

You are literally made to feel "Atithi Devo Bhav", i.e. Guest is God. Have unlimited quantity of Rajasthan cuisines immersed in ghee or butter. At the end, we were served with small Jalebis. I gulped so many of those without any regrets.

I believe these pots are glued to each other but she commendably balanced it on her head.

Traditional puppet dance that you can see in Rajasthan only.
I am not really fond of puppet show but was thrilled to see how comfortably they do it with strings. 

Next time you go to Jaipur, spend a night at Amber Vilas too. I chose this over any five star hotel.

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