Went to Agra for Wyndham, not Taj

I visited Agra in the last week of July. Based on my previous experience, I again booked Wyndham Grand for my one night stay. And this time, it was all the more pleasant.
Built on 14 acres of land, the hotel is based on Mughal architecture with glorious display of terraced gardens, fountains and age-old interiors that transport you back to the epoch of emperors with advanced facilities.

 Extremely spacious, hotel offers unparalleled comfort, food and facilities for people of all age groups. 

 Blocks are called courts and are named after historical characters such as Noor Jahan, Jodhabai etc.

That's the entry to my room court.

 Each court has 16 rooms. That visible room on the first floor is where I stayed.

View of  the court interior from my room.
 This area remains unexplored by most of the visitors. Grass has overgrown owing to monsoon season. 

Spotted these antique telephone sets at the reception area.

They are not showpieces. They are absolutely functional.

 The best thing about the hotel is its pool which is open from morning till evening.  In the middle of the pool, there is an area where snacks are live cooked and served with beer.

The area is surrounded with bar stools which remain under water. It's an awesome experience for those who take pleasure in food and swimming together.

 Sunbathe or relax! whatever..

There is something for each age group.

Tennis and basket ball court for the game lovers. Do you need more reasons to visit this place?


  1. Awesome how was the experience...I heard the food is also nice.

    1. Yes Mayank. Food is delicious. And my experience was memorable.