This Highway is a man killer

National Highway 44 that joins south India with the north is accused for deaths of large number of tribal villagers living along it.

One of the victim villages is Peddakunta that houses 35 huts with only one male adult. This is the place where 37 men have already died. It lies in the Mahbubnagar district of Telangana.

It doesn’t take much to locate this village because of its standing as the "village of highway widows".

According to ladies of village the village headquarters are on the other side of the highway. One has to cross the highway in order to get any kind of work done by the government. In many cases, those who go don’t come back.

The most shocking and unbelievable incident was that of a man who went across with the petition about the large number of deaths and didn’t return. He died while on his way back.

Village is believed to be a curse one.

A lady named Korra Sakini lost her son three years back. At the same spot, her husband died a few months later.

As per some unconfirmed reports when the four lane highway was being built, provision to build a service lane was also passed so as to enable the villagers to go to the other side without having them to cross the highway. Unfortunately, the plan never materialized and villagers had to cross the highway bypass for collecting their pensions and taking up jobs in villages across.

The only man left in the village is Thariya Korra who is left with a kid after he lost his wife to the highway.

Mothers are afraid of sending the only five children who go to school. They hope to send their children to government hostels so that at least they can stay happy and away from everyday mourning.

The most unfortunate incident is that of Nenavath Rukya who not only lost her husband, but also three sons and a son-in-law to the highway. After having failed from saving his daughter in law from unwanted men attention, she sent her back to her parents.

Many women are forced into prostitution for money and food.

Illiteracy and alcoholism among children are at peak and the village is the poorest in the district.

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