Why Anna failed to gather enough support this time?

Anna has so far fasted four times. His first fast was at Jantar Mantar in April which went on for five days. His second fast was in Ramlila Maidan in August for 12 days. Third fast was a day long fast at Jantar Mantar on Dec 11. And the latest one was in MMRDA ground in Mumbai which started on Dec 27 and was to end on Dec 29 but had to be called off on Dec 28. Why is it that Anna had to call off fast a day before pre decided date? Probably, Anna has realized that same thing will not be taken with same enthusiasm every time by people. The 12 days fast of August was the most successful one with people from all walks of life coming down to the streets and protesting against corruption. More than one lac people had gathered in Ramlila Maidan in August. This gathering had supporters from different states of India. Public March happened everywhere in the country. Every person of team Anna was clean and pure then gradually many episodes came up. Arvind Kejriwal cought up in the controversy of violating bond rules by quitting the service before completing three years of service after going on a study leave on full pay leading him to pay Rs 9,27,787 to income Tax department. Kiran Bedi accused of presenting inflated air travel bills to her hosts then Arvind Kejriwal coming forward with a statement that Kiran Bedi should not have done so and that had he been in Kiran Bedi’s place, he would not have done that. At a point team Anna appeared divided. Kiran Bedi didn’t accept the mistake she had committed. If she wanted money for poor kids, she should have asked for donation in open, why she had to give inflated bills to her hosts! It was a compulsory donation that she had taken from her hosts. Not acceptable to people! Secondly, what was the logic behind fast of Dec 11 when Parliament was in session and working towards bringing Lokpal Bill? People are not against Anna, they are against the ways now being adopted by team Anna. To People, team Anna appears to be building undue pressure on government. It’s not giving them chance to perform. Lets see how much effective his campaign in poll bounds states would be!!

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