Pakistan sponsors terrorism: BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today slammed Pakistan Parliament's resolution pertaining to the hanging of Afzal Guru and called it a mere brazen act of interference in India’s internal affairs. Pakistan has crossed all boundaries in its diplomatic dealings with India. The party believed that almost all terrorist activities in India were sponsored by Pakistan and by adopting a resolution on Afzal Guru in the National Assembly; Pakistan had given its stamp of approval on its association with terrorist groups. The national party accused Central government of lacking firm conviction to fight against terrorism and having no action plan. It further attacked Government for having spent all energy targeting BJP and giving little attention to safeguard the country from terrorism. 

Citing a series of events from beheading of Indian soldiers, blasts in Hyderabad and attack on CRPF camp in Srinagar, BJP charged Government of its inability to deal with cross border terrorism.

The BJP suggested immediate scaling down of India’s diplomatic relations with Pakistan in the wake of fidayeen attacks in Srinagar. “Unless Pakistan abides by its commitment given to us in January 2004 that no terrorist activities against India would be carried out on its soil, the Centre should also suspend the on-going Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) for the time being,” said BJP nationa president Rajnath Singh.

The party also suggested recalling its High Commissioner in Islamabad. The UPA Government’s policy of pampering Pakistan had encouraged terrorists and other anti-India forces.The terrorists had galvanised their groups and this situation could get worse in 2014 after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan.
The BJP recommended an army capable of facing emerging challenges is a must. The UPA Government should focus on strengthening India’s military power by increasing its numbers and rapid modernization of forces. Durable peace can be maintained only from a position of strength not from a position of weakness. 
Keeping Pakistan Parliament resolution in mind the BJP appealed to the government to denounce this act by adopting a consensus resolution in Indian Parliament and reaffirm its will to fight against terror. 

“The resolution should be moved by the Prime Minister himself. It is high time the government should take a tough stand against terrorism by putting pressure on Pakistan to mend its ways. If the UPA fails to apply its diplomatic skills these Pakistan sponsored terrorists will continue inflicting wounds on India,” said Singh.

Italy denies sending marines back.

Italy refuses to comply with Supreme Court order to send Italian marines back by 22 March 2012. With the note verbale sent by Embassy of Italy in New Delhi, It has cleared that it will not send the marines to India on account of the existing controversy with India concerning the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea of 1982 and the general principles of international law applicable to the Enrica Lexie incident. The note verbale was received by Ministry of foreign affairs on 11 March 13, 2013. 

Italy has requested the Indian government to set up a meeting at diplomatic level in order to reach an amicable solution of the said controversy. Last such request was received on 6 March 2013. The Italian request of 6 March 2013 is under examination

In its note, Italy said, "since a controversy between the two States has been established, the two Italian Marines, Mr. Latorre and Mr. Girone, will not return to India on the expiration of the permission granted to them”. The Supreme Court of India, in its Order dated 22 February 2013, allowed the two Marines to leave India on the express undertaking given by the Republic of Italy, and under the terms of the Order, they are required to return to India within a period of four weeks to face legal proceedings in India.

Government of India stated firmly that it didn’t not agree with the position conveyed by the Italian Government on the return of the two Marines to India. The Foreign Secretary yesterday summoned the Italian Ambassador and conveyed to him the Government of India’s position in this matter in the strongest of terms. He conveyed to him that India expects Republic of Italy as a country that is committed to the rule of law to fulfill the sovereign undertaking given by it to the Supreme Court of India. It was only after this undertaking that the Supreme Court allowed the two Marines to travel to and remain in Italy for a period of four weeks and return to India under the care, supervision and control of the Italian Republic. Foreign Secretary further conveyed to the Italian Ambassador that the Italian Government was obliged to ensure their return to India within the stipulated period as per the terms of the Supreme Court Order.