India China to hold border talks today

India and China are set to hold border talks today after Chinese troops crossed over into Chumar sector in Ladakh region thrice in five days .

Foreign and military official from both sides will play a part in in the 'Working Mechanism for consultation and coordination on India-China border affairs,' which would be held the third time.

The operational-level talks will look into the ground situation and ways to resolve incursions on the ground. Both sides are Iikely to discuss China’s April incursion in Depsang in Ladakh and its implications.

Chinese troops reportedly crossed over into Indian territory on July 16, 18, and 20. Each time, the soldiers intruded about three kilometres into the Indian side and went back after spending several hours here.

The reported incursions happened following the Indian Army getting the go-ahead to raise a 50,000-strong Mountain Strike Corps along the border with China. The move is a major boost to the Army's war-fighting capabilities along the Line of Actual Control that has witnessed several instances of incursion by Chinese troops.

As regards Chumar, located 300km from Leh, there have been major differences in perception on both sides over the Line of Actual Control. But what is more panicking is the frequency of the incursions.

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