Mukesh Singh paid 40k for interview to BBC?

According to a news report in Navbharat Times, Mukesh Singh, accused in Delhi gang rape of 2012, was paid Rs. 40,000 for giving interview to the makers of the documentary India's Daughter.

Report suggests that filmmaker Leslee Udwin made several attempts to interview Mukesh. She is believed to have been assisted by a man called Khullar. Initially all her efforts went in vain but later she received permission from both Ministry of Home affairs as well as Tihar jail to interview Mukesh.

Inquiry in Tihar Jail reveals that Singh demanded Rs. 2 Lakh for the interview but ultimately settled at Rs. 40,000. Money was allegedly paid to Singh's family after interview.

Report comes at a time when government has issued a legal notice to BBC. In the notice, BBC is accused of violating the predetermined conditions to make the documentary with a controversial interview of an accused of the Delhi gangrape incident of 2012. In his interview Mukesh Singh made some comments which became headlines in Indian and foreign newspapers. Despite ban, video was uploaded on youtube by BBC and watched by millions of people across the world. Documentary sparked outrage on social media.

The British filmmaker, Udwin says she worked on the film for two years. Watching thousands of protesting people taking to the streets across India inspired her to make the documentary.

Six people including Mukesh Singh committed heinous crime on December 16, 2012. Other five men were Ram Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and a juvenile. Ram Singh allegedly committed suicide while in prison. His body was found hanging in Tihar Jail. Juvenile has been kept at a reformatory home run by Delhi government. Remaining four convicts are sentenced to death, but their execution is stayed on appeal of the Supreme Court.

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