Love, Sex aur Dhokha Co-exist

Dr Anderson,Professor of Sociology at the University of Winchester, through is survey, found out that men cheat their wives not because they are not in love but because they are sexually bored.

He concludes that expecting men to be loyal is unrealistic. Men love their wives and cheat. If they didn’t love they would have walked out and enjoyed guilt-free sex with another partner.

Evidence show men who cheat are romantically contented, but tired of sex with one person.

According to another survey conducted by Ashley Madison (a global dating), 81 percent married men surveyed had extra marital affairs. Survey was done on 75321 people, out of which 80 percent were married. 61% of men don’t find infidelity to be immoral.

Men with extra marital affairs claim their affair proved to be constructive in their marriage. In many cases, affair worked as a wake-up call to repair the relationship.

Fascinatingly, over 80% of people surveyed had arranged marriages. Average age of men surveyed was 45. Clearly, infidelity co-exists with a large number of arranged marriages.

The most important question now is what makes spouses go outside their marriage!

For 36 percent men, lack of sex made them look beyond while women have affairs when they feel they are not loved by their partners.

A poll on Toluna reveals that merely 17 percent men who responded didn’t have sex while their wives were pregnant

Infidelity is not as simple as it appears. Most of the respondents who had extra marital affairs didn’t find infidelity unethical, at the same time they felt guilty of cheating.

Sexologist Dr. Pant believes that most men have affairs because of monotony in their sex lives, or a lack of response from partner, and in many cases it is for variety.