Time to laugh out loud!

Here are the two funniest movies that truly blew my mind. If you are fond of comedy, then you should definitely not miss them. They are Airplane (1980) and Dictator (2012).Watching this movie will make you laugh your head off. See it to believe it.  

What is she suspicious about? Read somewhere jealous woman can do better research than FBI

Post panic attack, this unlucky chap is hit by almost everybody in the plane

Ideal women don't take hard drinks. They only inhale drugs.

 Sweating like never before. This can certainly solve water problem in India.

This airport has an option to issue smoking and non smoking boarding passes. I am wondering why he wanted smoking pass.

Any lady can fall for him. He is a charismatic ruler. Truly invincible!

All along he behaves like a bump on a log.

Decapitation is the first word that comes to his mind, no matter who it is.

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