Love living animals, not the killed

Believing non-vegetarian food to be a good source of proteins and vitamins, many parents encourage their children to adopt such diet. But owing to poor knowledge, what they fail to fathom is that the same nutrition is available in a variety of vegetarian foods.

Mothers, human or animal, raise children with perpetual readiness to reach any extent for their protection. But what about the mothers whose children are slaughtered in front of them! Just for the tastebud of us humans. Spare a thought about their thoughts of utmost helplessness and grief.

One evening as I passed through Mahipalpur, I saw a man sprinkling water on sleeping hens in a cage. It required not much of a brain to understand that he was readying them for slaughter the next morning. The poor hens were not even allowed to sleep peacefully the night before. My heart went out for the livestock that must be kept fresh. But seconds later, I realized these hens were probably the same people who killed animals in their previous birth for the lust of their tongue, and were now suffering the fruits of their own karma. And the slaughterer of this time would be the animal of next time. Since I believe the theory of karma and rebirth, I acknowledge the vicious circle thus made.

Let’s get out of this vicious circle once and for all. Let’s go back to the theory of our ancient sages 'Live and Let Live'. This is our moment. Let’s break free.

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