Ye nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha..

You better not miss this place. Located in Gurgaon, it is none other than Kingdom of Dreams. It is an awesome place to spend your day at. It is the destination for everybody.

Entrance to Culture Gully

 What you are seeing opposite is Showshaa theatre which is meant for corporate events such as training, conference, seminars, workshops and even DJ evenings.

 Nautanki Mahal where shows such as Zangoora, Jhumroo, Abhimanyu, Behold take place. Important to note here is that children below 2 years of age are not allowed to watch show because of high decibel level. They are to be left in creche specially made for this purpose.

 These fountains add to its beauty.

What say! Nice place to get clicked. Isn't it?

 Let's go inside Culture Gully. You will still feel you are outside because roof is given the look of clouds. 

This wonderful structure will not let you take your eyes off.

 This truck is so rightly placed. Do you see Punjabi Dhaba beside it!

 Culture Gully has got pavilion for around 14 states. They offer food, clothes, jewelry, footwear, and what not.

 As KOD is a family place, there is section for children too. Am sure children would not want to miss this place.

 Folk dancers perform thrice a day everyday in Culture Gully. They have no fixed time for their performance. Timings probably depend upon strength of people inside.

 The most fascinating thing about this dance is it is performed by males who are dressed like females.

 This is some kind of acrobatic dance which, I am sure, couldn't have been performed by females.

This is mesmerizing. 

    Girls getting ready before going on stage

    Whole season they wear same kinda clothes no matter how chilly winter is. Vigorous dance moves keep them hot.

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